Cargo transportation in Europe

Import and export of goods, groupage cargo, customs escort and much more are included in the range of services we provide.

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The most common type of service. It's the cheapest in terms of budget.

Delivery of groupage cargo

This is ideal if you need to deliver a relatively small load.

Аutomotive oils

Sale and delivery of automotive oils.

Agricultural machinery

Trawl delivery of oversized cargo in Europe.

Welcome to Motorza Trans
We carry out cargo transportation

The company has been occupying its niche in the market since 2020.

Combining the functions of a logistics operator and a customs representative (broker) within one company allows achieving a synergistic effect in the provision of services for international door-to-door delivery of goods.

This is reflected in the general acceleration of delivery processes, reduction in overall costs (due to the absence of vehicle downtime, excess storage time), and increased reliability of delivery (the likelihood of damage, damage, loss and theft of cargo is reduced).

Individual approach to each client

Years of experience in the field of transportation allows us to carry out all work with high professionalism

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Motorza Trans
Transportation directions


Your ability to deliver any volume of cargo to the EU countries quickly and safely

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Motorza Trans
Еstablished itself as a reliable partner

The main goal of the company is to provide highly qualified services in the field of freight transport and transport logistics.

Our specialists have established transport logistics in Europe. Managers-logisticians of our transport company will always provide assistance in the preparation of documents, select the necessary type of transport, develop the optimal route, as well as provide assistance in the customs clearance of cargo.

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